An AI and science-focused fund that builds and invests in transformative technologies

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Coho backs highly technical founders in big markets, strengthening them to reach significant revenue and global traction.

The merging of life science and computer science, our deepening understanding to engineer and manipulate biology, and fundamentally new tool to build and move things, are the first glimpses in a new era of frontier technologies. The value they create goes beyond the cap table, saving lives and protecting this planet. We fund and incubate them at the earliest of stages — providing support to derisk and scale.

Coho stands behind highly technical founders with a vision for global change.

At Coho, we specialize in finding and supporting research-focused talents solving non-trivial problems in AI and bio/health. We fund and incubate them at the earliest stages - working closely alongside them to derisk and translate ideas into enduring impact.

Our founders go deep
Empower people and teams with AI

We believe AI will enable a world that is more efficient, creative, and productive, and we're funding AI-powered technologies that change the way we build things and spend time. From manufacturing and transportation, to design and shipping code, cutting-edge AI companies are on it.

Re-engineering the tool stack

The tools we use to make scientific advancement are evolving. Machine learning and computation are driving the next generation of tools – like disease modeling, next generation display, and processing units – and empower new use cases that will transform industries.

Accelerating cure to patients

We’re living in biology’s century. Coho is focused on the intersection of computation, medicine, and biology. We back founders building new platforms that drive fundamental shifts in treatment options and drug discovery process. 

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